Friday, April 18, 2008


Marina is the story of a sweet and brave girls who makes her living as a boatman in Acapulco. Her world falls apart when her mother dies unexpectedly. Marina moves into the luxurious mansion of the Alarcón Morales family. The Alarcón Morales is an upscale family in which the humble girl won't be quite welcome. In that house, Marina meets face to face with evil and rejection, but she also experiences the sweet protection of her uncle, Don Guillermo.

Marina is a target for envy and cruel intentions, but with her wild character and her peculiar self-defense style, she'll know exactly how to face all her enemies. She doesn't know it, but the truth is that she has every right to all the luxury that surrounds her. This new atmosphere is precisely where Marina will find true love.Ricardo Alarcón is a handsome young man who has no other profession in life but to spend the family's fortune. Ricardo has his own karma, a stormy marriage and his neurotic wife, Adriana.Ricardo is smitten by Marina's modesty and they both fall helplessly in love. Unfortunately, many of the people surrounding them will do anything to pull them apart.

Life changes again for the young boatman when she finally gets to accomplish her romantic dreams and marries Ricardo. A joy soon to be taken away when her son, product of her love to Ricardo, disappears. From then on, Marina's life suffers a dramatic transformation and her optimism turns into depression, her laughter into tears, and her crazy ideas into a painful torture filled with despair. All she wants is to recover her lost child, but Marina is all alone in her search. Nobody believes her when she says the child was stolen, they all think the baby died.

Destiny will be the one in charge of joining mother and son once again, and perseverance will surely help her recover him.

p/s : kini ditayangkan di tv3, Isnin-Jumaat 3.30 - 4.30 ptg

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