Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Pengkalan Hulu

A little northernmost town
Sandwiched between hills
And virgin forest
A town I once took to roam
Pengkalan Hulu
Still dear to my heart

Forever it shall remain
Enshrined within me
Together in eternity
We shall live in harmony.

Once it was a mysterious haunt
Of terrorists
masked and armed
Killers from killer regime
The armed CPM.
The enemies moved in her pockets
Of green foliages
That sustained them to rid of the law
And to claim this land of Malaysia
unto their hands
Bloody hands.

My beloved Pengkalan Hulu
Was famed for *CPM
Yet now she is still famous
But for her warm beauty
That spans the scope of our vision.

Her gentle gesture
Hidden amidst the trees
And the soothing touch
Mingles with the breeze
She smiles beautifully
An enemy’s heart shall mellow immediately.

Though by years
I am staying far
The pang of separation
Pains my heart every minute
My mind caresses the old memories.

The trails that divide the forest
I tracked passionately
Rubbing the jutting leaves
And branches of the old trees
My trails were carpeted well
By beautiful brown leaves
Of various shapes and sizes
That to this day I owe her
My gratitude for feasting my sight
With enchanting beauty
Unparalleled by any.

Pengkalan Hulu, my sweetheart
I miss you a lot
I wish I can bring me to succumb in you
So in you I shall expand for another birth
On this same land of yours.
Physically I am at a distant away
Yet in my mind it’s your face
I see unwaveringly.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 260308.

*The disbanded Communist Party of Malaya.

written by Cyclopseven Ram


pionopis said...

ya sy masih mencari siapa penulis sajak ini.cita rasanya mmg amat sy kagumi.

zahida zarkasi said...

mana tahu mungkin dia kawan lama ustaz. try klik nama dia dan hayati sajak2nya

pionopis said...

klu ikut thn kelahiran tu dah sama...sebaya!,tp masih tercari2 nama sebenar...mmmm....sapa ya.klu zz tau tlg masuk website tu tp byk virus plak...

cyclopseven said...

Ingatan lampau menjadi asas kewujudan manusia. setiap pengalaman yang dilalui merupakan satu pengajaran yang harus ditelusi dengan minda kita. Memori silam sukar dipadam selagi wujudnya minda. selagi ada harapan, selagi itu manusia kekal berjiwa kemanusiaan. Pionopis a.k.a Ustaz Mus'ab bekas rakan sesekolah dan sekelas saya. Nama saya bermula dengan Mah....berketurunan India. Cubalah Ustaz teka siapa saya?

musab leh abdullah said...

if you are the person in my mind right now..and if you really know me..and don't call me Ustaz...just call me mus'ab..kalau tak silap anda adalah Mahendran..ex-pengawas.kisah anda juga telah saya abadikan dlm bloq..rememmber "Starsky and Hutch".anyway terimakasih zz kerana perkenalkan sy ngan dia.

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